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Darkness on the edge of town, Patrick Joust

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Ultima Esperanza, Patagonia 2012

Reuben Wu

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Defective Ultrafine Examples #3 (By deanfuller2)

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Four years ago I started my blog and began to work at the art of photography. I never dreamt I would become so passionate about it. I never dreamt this art could take me around the world or be the catalyst to new friendships. More than that photography has fostered a sense of adventure and wonder that I doubt could have ever surfaced had it not become one of my foremost pursuits. It awakened a desire for me to see and collect light from every corner of my life. It changed how I see everything.

It seems to me that I have become more connected with the permanent things in this life: a bible, a rugged path, a mountain top, folk music and strong words. And though photographs in the grand scheme of things are temporary, they bring a permanence to moments otherwise lost in a cloud of memory. These images serve as anchors, pillars for my story, and they can bring me back to the times that mean the most to me in an instant. They become like forceps, delicately pulling every memory, every detail into the front of my mind, so I can recall them precisely as I should.

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Michael Graydon

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Decor Detail: Oversized Houseplants

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Circa 1983

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Farewell Summer

Enter the Autumn with jewel tones as rich as a violet-petalled flowers aflame….. as summed up in the seductive photographs of Nir Hod  (“I Want Always to Be Remembered in Your Heart" 2013)

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Astonished by the Splendor.

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